Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids: Toys & More

Christmas is a special and magical time for kids of all ages! Not sure what to give them? This simple gift guide will give you some holiday inspiration as you begin to shop for the perfect gifts for the little ones. From toys and dolls to comfy items and more, here are some Christmas gift ideas for kids that they’ll love.

Musical & Educational Toys To Combine Learning & Fun

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids - Musical & Educational Toys

Kids learn best through sounds and music, so it’s a great idea to give them a musical gift for Christmas that they can interact with! These types of gifts are best for toddlers and younger kids; however, some musical gifts can be fun for any age. Whether they are exciting about learning a new instrument or they just enjoy engaging with sounds, these Christmas gift ideas for kids are sure to be a hit!

Musical Gift Ideas For Toddlers

  • Musical board books that follow a fun story
  • Learning pads that teach them the ABC’s or counting
  • Small toy instruments like a xylophone or tamborine
  • A piano play mat to run around on and get their energy out

Musical Gift Ideas For Older Kids

  • A small guitar or a ukulele
  • An electronic keyboard
  • A mini drum set
  • A harmonica or flute

2020 Christmas Gift Ideas: LTD’s Musical & Educational Toys Product Picks

Step-to-Play Junior Piano Mat™

Step-to-Play Junior Piano Mat™

30″ Wood Guitar with Case

30" Wood Guitar with Case

Tiny Tots Learning Pad

Tiny Tots Learning Pad

Dolls & Stuffed Animals To Play & Cuddle With

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids -  Dolls & Stuffed Animals

Dolls and stuffed animals are always fun Christmas gift ideas for kids no matter what age they are! This is a great go-to gift idea for kids who already have a lot of toys or kids who are picky. Whether you’re shopping for your own kids or someone else’s, dolls and stuffed animals are a solid choice.

Simple stuffed animals and small dolls are great for babies and young children while interactive baby dolls and animals are especially popular among toddlers and slightly older children. Think about their favorite animals or favorite Disney movies and find corresponding toys that match their interests. This will get them even more excited about the gift and they’re sure to play with it often.

You can also combine dolls and stuffed animals gifts with pretend playsets. For instance, kids love to play “house”, so a great gift idea is a baby doll with a pretend house set. You can also combine a stuffed animal gift with a toy tea set for a pretend tea party. Anything that gets their imagination running wild is a fun gift idea!

2020 Christmas Gift Ideas: LTD’s Doll & Stuffed Animal Product Picks

Musical Color-Changing Plush

Musical Color-Changing Lullaby Plush

My Dream Baby Doll

My Dream Baby Doll

24″ Plush Animal with Baby

24" Plush Animal with Baby

Comfy Cozy Gifts For Kids To Use All Winter Long

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids - Comfy Cozy Gifts

Comfy cozy items can be excellent Christmas gift ideas for kids because these are things they can use all winter long! These types of items can even be great stocking stuffers because they’re extra little surprises that the kids will absolutely love.

Whether you give them a winter clothing item, accessory, or something that can keep them warm in bed at night, these comfy cozy gift ideas are great Christmas presents for kids of all ages.

Comfy Cozy Gift Ideas For Kids

  • Slippers and fuzzy socks
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Themed throw blankets and pillows (related to their favorite characters, TV shows, or animals)
  • Winter gear such as gloves, hats, and scarves
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • A mini lounge chair for their bedroom

2020 Christmas Gift Ideas: LTD’s Kids’ Comfy Cozy Product Picks

2-Pc. Novelty Pillow and Throw Sets

2-Pc. Novelty Pillow and Throw Sets

Huggle™ Pets Hoodies & Stuffed Animals

Huggle™ Pets Hoodies

Toddlers’ or Kids’ LOL Surprise Slippers

Toddlers' or Kids' LOL Surprise Slippers

Looking for more Christmas gift ideas for kids? Check out our Holiday Headquarters to find gift inspiration for kids and everyone else in your life, in addition to Christmas decorating ideas and affordable deals!

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